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I am writing a letter on behalf of Kyle R. Knapp, Attorney at Law.

Mr. Knapp helped my family by representing us in a my sons murder trail and he was acquitted.

When I have legal concerns, Mr. Knapp has always taken time to explain what to do, where to go, or who to ask. He is not interested in the money, but is interested in you as a person.

Mr. Knapp has many qualities that I admire in a person and father. He is a family man constantly doing things with and for his children. He is a genuine good person.

Besides being my lawyer, he has become a personal friend.

I am confident in his work as a lawyer and will continue to refer family and friends to him for legal help.



Not too long ago, I found myself on the wrong side of the law. I was wrongfully accused of a crime and was tried by the media and assumed guilty until proven innocent. Kyle Knapp is an excellent defense attorney who respects the law and I was found not guilty by a jury of my peers. Kyle Knapp, through his tireless efforts, has restored my faith in the judicial system.



When I was fifteen years old, I managed to turn an undoubtedly promising future into a fight for my life. I grew up my entire life as a premiere student athlete, and was a strong recruit as a quarterback coming into my junior year of high school. However, during my first two years of high school, I culminated a diverse group of friends, often including some unsavory individuals with much less to lose than myself. I found myself in several compromising situations due to these affiliations, and made the terrible decision to procure a firearm to protect myself in this crowd I had fallen into. When contacts with colleges increased, I realized how much I was risking and cut ties to those people, but unfortunately I had taken things too far, and on the night of August 21, 2004, in self defense, I shot a man in the chest at a Jack in the Box restaurant in Antioch, Ca. I never intended to be a part of the streets, and I surely was no killer, but my decisions led to this point where I had a gun when a group of 5 men was threatening myself, another 15 year old friend, and 3 female classmates. When I left the scene, I couldn't believe what had happened, and I knew that my life was over.

The following day, investigations led police to my house when I was on a recruiting trip at UC Berkeley. My dad was with me and got the call, and I’ll never forget the look of devastation and bewilderment that came over him. Needless to say, we left the school immediately, and started considering the ramifications of what had happened. When we got home, the house had been ransacked and I found out that the SWAT team had come and laid my mother and sisters on the floor at point of an assault rifle. In the chaos my mother had called her brother, a labor attorney in Sacramento, for legal advice, and when asked, “Who was the best defense attorney that we could get for the case?” he did not hesitate to refer us to Kyle Knapp.

Mr. Knapp arrived at my house, about an hour and a half away from his base in Sacramento, within 2 hours of our call. He was professional and efficient, and his quick grasp of the situation gave me the first bit of confidence that we could make it through this. He walked us through several theoretical situations that could play out in the case, and made it very clear that we needed to follow his every instruction, but that there was hope. Reflecting, one of the most important things in our initial meeting with Mr. Knapp was his concern for me and my family, and the way that he saw to it that we took the first steps to resolving the situation favorably before he questioned the huge commitment that this case would mean for him. At 15, I had never been in trouble and had no clue what was to come, but Mr. Knapp gave me what I needed to face the situation, giving me the understanding that I needed with so many thoughts going through my head, and giving me confidence through his own.

From walking me into the police station with my parents to turn myself in, to making many more 2 hour trips than was necessary to visit a terrified 15 year old kid, Mr. Knapp was invaluable to myself and my family during this trying experience for much more than his legal expertise, although his professional knowledge and skill proved paramount in what turned out to be a very complex case. The man I had shot had lived, and within a month of being charged with attempted murder, the charges were modified to one count of firing from a moving vehicle causing great bodily harm and five counts of assault with a deadly weapon, all of which I was to be tried as an adult. This aggressive move by the district attorney changed the maximum penalty for me from 6 years to a potential life sentence, but had no impact on Mr. Knapp's agenda to present the best defense possible for me and to attain the result that my family and I desperately hoped for. At every court appearance, as nervous as I was, I felt so glad to have Mr. Knapp representing me, for his ability to keep the opposition on their heels in court and the way he believed in our cause just as much as I did.

My trial started at the end of January 2005, and on February 18, 2005 I was acquitted of all charges against me by reason of self-defense. Before the foreman announced the verdict, Mr. Knapp told me that we would not give up no matter what the result was, but as a result of his tireless effort to prove the facts of the case, I went back home to my family that day. I don't believe that any one in that court room would dispute that justice was served that day, and I went home feeling that the truth had been revealed and the right choice had been made. Mr. Knapp defended me tenaciously, but did so in a professional, respectable way; he was not a lawyer that would confuse or manipulate people into saying what he wanted them to, but rather was extremely articulate and was insistent that the true facts and the law were properly presented to the court. Kyle's example and his preventing me from getting a violent felony on my record has inspired me to pursue a career as a defense attorney myself, because I have seen firsthand the incredible way that a great lawyer can provide hope and give a good person another chance at life. I graduated high school, received my bachelor's degree last year and will start my master's program in the upcoming Fall, and I'm thankful for Kyle Knapp for valuing my hopes and dreams as much as I did and giving me a chance to realize them.

K. D.

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