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Kyle Knapp has represented numerous clients facing various crimes. A few case examples include:

Homicide Case

Kyle Knapp won the first homicide case he ever tried. It was a codefendant matter. All other defendants are currently doing life in prison. His client was acquitted of murder and is now raising his family in Sacramento.

Juvenile Case

In a juvenile matter, Kyle Knapp had a client accused of shooting another person from a car. His client was tried as an adult. After trial and extensive investigation, the juvenile was acquitted and recently graduated from a California University.

Self Defense Case

A client had an argument with another man who had been threatening him and his father. The other man was unarmed. His client shot the man with a shotgun, paralyzing him. Kyle Knapp was able to convince the jury that it was self defense and his client was found not guilty.

Alcohol Related Death

A local student died while trying to do "21" for "21"; consume 21 drinks on his 21st birthday. The state charged the bartender and a waitress with serving alcohol to an already intoxicated person because they allegedly served the alcohol that killed him. Kyle Knapp advocated that the bar tender and waitress had done nothing wrong since the students friends were the ones encouraging him to drink and the staff was simply doing their job. Both defendants were acquitted.

Battery on School Grounds

Kyle Knapp represented a local teacher who was accused of battery on the school grounds. If the teacher was convicted, his career would be over. The case went to trial and the teacher was acquitted.

DUI Cases

Kyle Knapp is in court with DUI cases several times a week. His philosophy on a DUI is he will tell you exactly where you stand. Where possible, he will get charges reduced and/or the evidence suppressed. If the District Attorney is uncooperative and the case merits it, he will take it to trial. If nothing can be done to affect the outcome, he will let the client know, saving them time and money. Kyle Knapp will also give advice and instruction on how to get through the cumbersome DUI process as quickly and unscathed as possible.

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